Singapore’s Battle to Prevent HIV/AIDS

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According to the Health Ministry of Singapore, there is an annual increase in number of Singaporeans infected with HIV/AIDS. The demographic with the most notable increase are Singaporean men in their 50s. This serves as a call for the government to take full control of the preclusion of HIV/AIDS cases in our country.

Why prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS?

Basically, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) deteriorates and destroys white blood cells in the body. We need our white blood cells to defend our body against infectious agents. Those who have this will definitely have weaker immune system that leads them to acquire different disease easily. In the long run, HIV will transform into Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). It’s estimated that a person who has AIDS and not treated will have only 3 years to live.

What is the main mode of HIV transmission in Singapore?

Sexual intercourse is that main mode of transmission of this infection in the country. Each person can prevent themselves from acquiring this infection through the following:

  • Refrain from sleeping with multiple partners
  • Partners who are unsure of each other’s sexual history should get an HIV screening test together
  • Those who wish to get a tattoo should only get it from trusted vendors who sterilize their needles
  • Any transfused blood should be checked and double-checked with an HIV-screening test

What are the Government’s initiatives to prevent cases of HIV/AIDS?

  • Regular HIV testing initiatives for all at-risk individuals
  • Educational community programs that teach about the prevention and management of HIV/AIDS
  • Educational programs for employees that informs those in workplaces about HIV/AIDS
  • AIDS education programs that help students be aware of HIV/AIDS and discourage them from having premarital sex and casual sex

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