Smart Shopping: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy It  

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When you get into a department store, expect to see all kinds of marketing strategies (sales, last day sale, limited stocks only) to get you buying clothes—clothes that you might not even need and regret buying later on. So to save your heart—and pocket—from buyer’s remorse, here are seven pointers to keep in mind the next time you come across a good-for-nothing piece.

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1. You’re not sure how you feel about it.

If trying it on doesn’t wow you, it’s probably because it doesn’t look as nice. If you can’t say to yourself, “This is made for me!” or “It’s beautiful!” then there’s no reason to spend your money on it. Instead, save your money for something that will surely excite you.

2. You can’t think of at least two ways to wear it.

Before heading to the cashier and buying that piece you’ve hold on for hours, think of at least two ways you can wear it with your existing clothes. If you have nothing in your closet that pairs well with that top, you’re better off returning that thing on the rack.

3. It is uncomfortable.

Is the fabric itchy? Is it showing too much skin? Or you like the trendy style but you never wear such? If there’s anything about the clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable, then it’s not worth your money. Don’t waste your time convincing yourself that you’ll feel comfortable in it someday. Just be true to yourself and you’ll surely save time, money, and effort.


4. You can’t wear it with ordinary underwear.

Do you need to buy a special undergarment to go with that dress or wear uncomfortable underwear to make you look good in that clothing? That should not be the case. A garment should look good on you on its own. The best thing to do is to look for a garment with a style and material that flatters your body the way it is.

5. It’s not well made.

It’s obvious when something is not well made: the seams are uneven, it’s covered in cheap embellishments, the threading is loose, prints are unaligned, etc. If you happen to love a blouse, for example, find a better version of it that looks better and you’re sure will last longer.

When shopping for clothes, don’t be fooled by how they look on models and on mannequins. Always remember that we all have different body shapes and sizes, and therefore what looks good on one may not look good on you.

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