Smartphone Tips for Your Next Adventure

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No travel is complete without taking pictures. The pictures will remain as memorabilia. Reliving is always easier if you have pictures with you around. Because of modern technology, it allows us to save more photos and digitally store it somewhere for later use. Traveling has never been this fun!

Season globetrotters do not carry bulky camera and equipment around. That is heavy to drag around especially if you have many days on the road. This is the reason why smartphones are on a rise. Smartphones with good cameras are now available not only here in Singapore but around the world. It is like having the whole world in your fingertips.

It is time that you learn from the seasoned globetrotters. If you do not have DSLRs, you can maximize the potential of your smartphones for your next quest. With some skill and practice, you will surely get high quality pictures plus you can upload it immediately and digitally store it right away! Here are some smartphone taking tips that you can consider:

Do not zoom

Sometimes you zoom to have a better view of something but once you start to zoom, it will degrade the quality of the images. The best thing to do here is to crop it. When you crop, you are just sampling pixel that was recorded. Cropping will still leave you with many resolutions for better display.

Do not filter

Sometimes many people opt to filter because it is easy. Do not be like millions of people who paint their photos with filters. You should edit it instead. There are many editing applications that you can download for free or minimal cost online. The editing applications will let you make adjustments from color temperature to contrast.

Do not let the lens get dirty

Before taking any picture, make sure that the camera is cleaned because lenses will likely to get hazy and it can pick dark images if it is dirty. Remember if the images are hazy or dark, no matter how you edit it, it won’t be any better.

Do not consider fake blur

You blur the background of something because you want to highlight something. There is nothing wrong with that but adding fake blur can make it look unnatural. The best thing to do is to keep the background simple or make that thing the central object.

Remember that a good photo is a good one regardless of the equipment used to take it. DSLR or smartphone isn’t important as long as you captured the right one.

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