Strange Defence Mechanisms Your Body Makes

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Our bodies are made of a complex collection of numerous biological systems and cycles that are often difficult to comprehend, and our body’s defence mechanisms form one of those systems. They keep us safe against things that could potentially pose some harm to us. To help you get a better understanding of these mechanisms, we listed down some of fascinating things that your body does to ensure that you’re safe from harm.

  1. Hiccupping

Whenever you swallow large pieces of food, eat quickly or simply overeat, your vagus nerve becomes irritated. This cranial nerve is connected to your diaphragm and stomach, resulting to a bout of hiccups when you eat too much.

  1. Goose Bumps

The main function of goose bumps is to reduce the amount of heat trapped inside the body through the pores of your skin. Moreover, this mechanism also makes it easier for you to warm yourself when you’re placed in inhospitable climatic conditions.

  1. Skin Wrinkling

The wrinkles that appear on your hand’s skin actually play an important role. This phenomenon is triggered when your body encounters an excessive amount of moisture, thinking that the environment is slippery. For that reason, the skin on your hands start immediately change in a way that makes it easier for you to hold onto smooth surfaces.

  1. Myoclonic Jerks

This refers to the strange feeling you get when you lie down to sleep, and as you start drifting off your body is jolted by what feels like an electric shock. During this moment, your muscles spasm strongly that you wake up straightaway. Myoclonic jerks often result of the fact that as you start falling asleep – your pulse slows down, your breathing frequency rapidly falls, and your muscles are relaxed – your brain interprets it as a heralding death, which is why it tries to save by giving your body a good jolt.

  1. Tears

Aside from protecting your eyes against foreign objects, your tears also serve as a form of emotional defence. Health experts believe that our body creates a powerful source of irritation when it’s placed in a stressful situation, so as to distract you from the pain you’re currently experiencing.

While you may not notice it, our body works in various ways to keep us safe from harm every single day. So ensure that you do your part by living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying relaxing activities from time to time.

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