Talking About Tipping Around the World

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The world is vast with more than 190 countries listed in the map. You have plans to travel every city and taste their cuisines. Speaking of tasting and eating, are you aware that there are different tipping practices around the world? You may not pay tip here in Singapore but there are other countries or cities that entail it. With this, it is imperative that you know the tipping practices.

Rule of thumb is to tip in cash. It is not a good practice to tip using your credit card because some may not accept it. Another thing that you have to remember is to tip according to the currency of the country you will visit. Do not wait until you have already devoured your dish to figure out whether you should give a tip or not. It helps to do a little research before eating. This guide can help.


In case you do not know, waiters in Australia are paid well so you are not expected to give any tip. But if you want a token of appreciation for the excellent service through gratuities, you can just round up the bill or leave few dollars.


In some areas of Austria, the bill tends to incorporate “service charge”. If you see this on your bill, you do not need to give tip. So the best thing to do is always check the bill. If there is no “service charge”, you can either round up the bill or simply add 10% extra as tip.


Like in Austria, when you see “service charge” incorporated on your bill, you do not need to pay any gratuities. But if you feel like giving extra for the superb service, make sure to give Real directly to the waiter. Do not just leave it on the table.


In Canada, gratuity is not incorporated on the bill. This means that you have to add 10 to 20% to your bill as a tip.


Most of the restaurants in Egypt already incorporate “service charge” to the bills. This means that you do not need to leave tip.


In France, “service charge” is always included on the bill. You have to check though but generally in France you do not need to give tip. However, as an act of kindness and appreciation, you can always round up the bill or give something. Waiters there are paid minimal so your spare money can help them.

There you go. Just think that all places appreciate gratuities. You can check via the bill if it is included. If it is not, your cash will do.

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