Techniques to Train Our Brain  

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It is necessary that we train our brain. Our brain has the biggest function so it is just right to train it so it can effectively carry out things that are demanded from it. Training the brain is an old concept but not all people give importance to it. Some Singaporeans prefer training the muscles thereby sparing time to go to the gym.


For Singaporeans who will join triathlon, they conduct extensive trainings hoping that they will win. The brain also needs training for the win. When we train our brain, we can avoid embarrassing situations like remembering the face but not the name and getting the things that we want more – promotion. The good thing is that there are many techniques that we can consider to learn fast and remember more at the same time. Here are some techniques:

  • Repetitions: We forget things even the most important ones sometimes and that is a disappointing thing. We have to practice remembering events and we can remember it by discussing it to others. The simplest way to help us remember is trough repetition. If we repeat a name, there is a big possibility that we can remember the person the next time we see him/her. Repetitions train our brain by bending our memory muscles.


  • Do something different frequently: It is time that we try doing different things. If we do different things frequently, the wires from our brain will create new pathways that can help us do things faster and better.
  • Exercise: Others think that the state of the body does not relate to brain activity. That is not true. When we are physically healthy, our brain’s alertness level will improve. We can exercise briefly, say at least 30 minutes.
  • Eat right: With exercise and the right brain foods, it can surely make a difference at the end of the day. We can consider foods that can help optimize brain performance like vegetables, fruits and fish.
  • Spend time with the family: We do not see the connection of brain function and spending time with the family or our loved ones but we have to know that nurturing such relationships can optimize our cognitive abilities. For example, if we talk to our loved ones all the time, we will be surprised how the brain process thoughts.

These things might sound easy but we know that when it comes to the brain, things are challenging. We do not have to be a genius to train our brain and be more productive. We just have to make good use of what was given to us.


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