The 4 Hottest Hot Yoga Classes in Singapore

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Based on a set of yoga poses called Bikram yoga, hot yoga refers to any yoga session that is done In environments kept at a higher temperature, at around 40 degrees Celsius. This temperature is said to mimic the hot and humid conditions in India and lets you stretch your muscles better. It also claims to have more health benefits than regular yoga; the heat can open up pores, improve circulation, and boost metabolism. With all these benefits, so many studios have started offering hot yoga classes in Singapore. To get you started on this hot trend, here are five studios that offer hot yoga classes in Singapore.

1. Yoga Inc.
For those who are new to yoga, Yoga Inc. is the studio for you. Most of the classes offered in this studio are geared towards beginners, promising not to make you do any poses that are too complicated. Yoga Inc. has been described to embody a friendly, welcoming vibe that can alleviate all newbies’ anxieties and concerns. This studio offers Restorative and Yin yoga classes, which are perfect for beginners. Classes for more experienced yogi include Flow and Hatha. There are also shower rooms and mats available for all students, including two towels per session.

2. Hom Yoga
Hom Yoga is a studio dedicated to the idea of yoga as a healing experience for overall wellness, instead of simply a practice for physical fitness. Hom Yoga offers different class types, including Vinsaya, Hatha, Yin, and Ashtanga. Hom also offers their very own class geared towards children, which they call the Mini Glow Yoga Club. They also offer a 200-hour Teacher Training program for aspiring yoga teachers. For a calmer, more spiritual yoga experience, Hom Yoga is the studio for you.

3. Bikram Yoga HarbourFront
Bikram yoga is the name of the original set of postures that inspired the creation of what we now consider ‘hot yoga’. In its traditional form, Bikram yoga is a 90-minute session with 26 positions, done in an environment heated at 40 degrees Celsius. Bikram Yoga Harbourfront goes back to this original tradition, as Bikram has been scientifically-proven to have added health benefits over regular yoga. In Bikram Yoga HarbourFront, you can rest assured that you are getting these benefits, all while practicing in a healing and nurturing environment of talented and dedicated instructors.

4. Fitness First
With 19 outlets in Singapore, Fitness First has proven its expertise in exercise. This club offers memberships that can gain you access to different types of exercises and training equipment, as well as classes tailored to people of varying levels of experience. Among these numerous classes are hot yoga classes, which promises to give you better metabolism, flexibility, and strength. With their free trial guest pass, you have one free hot yoga class, so consider giving Fitness First a try.

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