The 5 Irksome People You Will Meet

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You cannot choose the people you meet but you definitely can assess whether they are worth keeping or not. Here in Singapore, you meet a lot of people every day especially if you are in the field of customer service. You cannot decline a customer but sometimes, you wish you can.


There are times that you wish you can avoid everyone but unfortunately, you cannot. What you can do is identify the irksome and difficult people. If you learn to identify one, you will surely learn how to deal with them. This article will tell you the different types of irksome people. So, here they are:

  • The Complainer: You will know one when you hear one. The complainer always criticizes or protests about something. Even if you gave them the finest service, there is always something that they will notice. For complainers, nothing is good enough. Be prepared because they can destroy your day.
  •  Culinary killjoys: If you are travelling, you want to eat local foods but if you are with the company of culinary killjoys, you will not enjoy your food at all. Culinary killjoys are people who are one moment gluten-free and the next sugar-loaded. If they are suffering from any food allergies, you will understand but it turned out they are not.
  • The timekeeper: Time is of great essence but there are people who gets angry even if you are only a few minutes late. While this is good, these people should realize that sometimes, things do not go according to plan. If you deviate, you will suffer the consequences.


  • The fearful: There is nothing wrong if you are afraid of something but if someone relies to you as their counsellor for the next three to four hours, that is different. For example, you are on the plane and you happened to sit beside a person who is fearful of flying. You just want to sit quiet and enjoy the view but the person beside you talks to you and sometimes sleep on your shoulder. If you encounter one, just be patient and just sleep if you do not want to interact.
  • The drunk: For people who are always looking for trouble, you need to avoid them. When you talk to someone, you will know whether the person is sober or not by simply listening to him/her. You have to avoid these people because they will turn every minute into a pub crawl.
  • The “hooker”: There is nothing wrong with romance but if the man/woman is keen on building relationship everywhere he/she goes, then it is irritating. These people think that the first goal of their existence is to hook up with everyone they meet.



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