The ‘Courtesy Ghost’

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You overheard people talking about the ‘Courtesy Ghost’. In fact it went viral in Facebook. Some Singaporeans say that Singa, the ‘Courtesy Lion’ died and returned as the ‘Courtesy Ghost’. Well, that is not that case. The ‘Courtesy Ghost’ is a different entity.


The ghost is the creation of The Secret Little Agency here in Singapore. The ghost is a lovable ethereal creature that captured hearts of many Singaporeans. It basically brings educational and cultural awareness to its audiences in a simple and friendly manner.

The agency behind this posted five posters in their Facebook page. As if it is not enough, they also put up hard copies and gave it away during the Hungry Ghost Festival. So, here are some posters of ‘Courtesy Ghost’:

  • It’s nice to avoid entering the white circles. White circles mark ghostly eating spaces. It is your way of respecting one’s space in a dining table.
  • It’s nice to leave the first row empty at getais. The front row offers the best view but it would be great if you consider the second row and let your elders enjoy the VIP treatment.
  • It’s nice to avoid upright chopsticks in your rice. You have to avoid sticking your chopsticks in your rice because it looks like joss sticks. It might attract spirits. The best thing to do is put it alongside your bowl.


  • It’s nice to step around ash on the road. You have to avoid ashes on the road because what might be ash or dirt to you may be an offering to others.
  • It’s nice to leave food offerings alone. Do not touch the food offerings. Respect your elders and leave it alone. You can have your food any time of the day.


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