Things to Watch Out for at Work

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For most Singaporeans, our jobs are our top priority. That is understandable knowing that we cannot sustain our needs and whim without money. Sometimes, we are too engrossed with our work that we really forget what matters most – our health. We try so hard to be productive but in truth, we are being counterproductive because we ignore our health.

It is crucial that we know what to watch our when working so we can avoid it. Here are the list of things to watch out when working:

  • Sleep debt: “sleep debt” is a term used to define a practice of trying to recover the hours of sleep that we lost from weekday all-nighters by sleeping in on weekends. We have to know that these “debts” increase every time we deduct a few hours from our sleep. When we sleep during the weekends, our circadian clock (the brain’s device of keeping the time), gets deferred by two hours. As a result, our body clocks go erratic. This will surely make us groggier with hazy brain, reduced motor skills and poor vision. Doctors advise that we sleep earlier on weekends and getting at least eight hours of sleep and avoid hibernating whole day. If possible, we have to avoid all-nighters and keep our natural sleep pattern at tabs.
  • Skipping meals: Sometimes things get hectic in work that we deliberately skip breakfast and forget lunch. For those who are not used to this, they will experience dizziness, a drop of energy and stomach cramps. Overweight is a possible outcome as skipping meals can slow down our metabolism. It does not end there because our thinking process might falter. Doctors advise that we should never skip meals.


  • Being stagnant: Sitting at a computer desk for more than eight hours can affect our posture as well as our neck. For many hours, we will not feel its difference but in the long run, it can take a toll on our body. Doctors advise to move. Sitting in the same position for the longest time is not advisable.
  • Too much coffee: One cup of coffee is okay per day but if it exceeds to three or four cups, we should be wary. Doctors advise to make adjustments when we exceed four cups of coffee.

There is nothing wrong if we work hard but we have to be conscious that it can take a toll on our health and performance. If things are unhealthy, we have to re-assess our work and think of what matters most – our health.


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