Tips in Taking Care of Your Wedding Dress

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Even though it often takes a couple of months to find and perfect one’s bridal gown, after the big day, most wedding gowns are discarded or stored somewhere, with little chance of being brought out again. But if you are one of the brides in Singapore planning to keep or sell their gown after their wedding, then make sure to preserve the condition of this delicate garment. To help you with that, here are some insider secrets we want to share with you for the post-wedding care and storage of your bridal gown.


1. Have it dry cleaned immediately. Immediately cleaning your gown after it was used is important to keep it in its best condition. If you leave it unattended for some time, the stains on the dress will settle and will be more difficult to wash off. If you can’t attend to it right away, perhaps because you’re busy for the honeymoon, simply ask somebody to take care of it. Just make sure that your dress will be taken care of by the right dry cleaner. Search for a Singapore dry cleaner that specializes on cleaning delicate garments like your wedding gown.

2. Wrap it carefully and properly. Perhaps, the safest way to store your wedding gown for years is to box it with acid-free tissue papers. You’d want to keep your gown from anything that might stain it over time, which is why it’s suggested to insert acid-free tissue papers in every fold of the dress as you store it in a box. Alternatively, some of the couture brides in Singapore frame their wedding gowns and hang them on the wall inside a 3D shadow box.

If it’s impossible for you to box and store your gown prior to your honeymoon, then we suggest that you store it inside a 100 percent cotton garment bag. Plastic bags aren’t really a good choice since it restricts passage of air and thus may accumulate moisture over time. Also, use a white-padded silk-coated hanger instead of the wooden one when hanging the dress.


3. Store your dress in a dark room. Remember to store your bridal gown in a dim, dry area of your house. If your garment is made from natural fabrics and you chose to store it in a room with varying light condition, expect its colour to turn yellow over time. Whether you have your dress boxed or hanged, keep it in a less accessible place, like the attic or the basement, to be sure that the light and air temperature is constant.

Some more wedding gown tips before and during the wedding:

• From the Shop. When you pick up your wedding gown from the Whitelink bridal boutique in Singapore, you should have it wrapped in a long garment bag and lay it flat on the backseat of your car, or hook it on a handle on one window. Let the dress freely flow to the backseat of your car, if hanged, to avoid creases.

• Up to the Wedding Day. When the gown is already with you, avoid repeatedly trying it on or pulling it out of the bag just to show it to people. Keep in mind that wedding gowns made of more delicate materials like liquid silk have greater chances of accumulating oil marks.

• On the Actual Day. As you prepare for your special day, always keep in mind not to hang your gown near the place where you will have your hair and makeup done. You don’t want makeup stains taking over the spotlight as you walk down the aisle. Likewise, be careful with food and liquor stains during the reception, especially if you’re planning to store your gown and have it as an heirloom piece that you will pass on to your future daughter or daughter-in-law.

Most brides often think that taking care of their wedding gown is just like taking care of any ordinary garment. They’re clueless that their wedding gown is a delicate garment that needs special ways of washing, drying, and storing in order to preserve its condition. Hopefully through these tips, we are able to help all the brides and soon-to-be brides to take good care of their bridal gowns and dresses.


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