Tips on Choosing the Best Single Speed Bike

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Singapore is a heaven for cyclists. The country has smooth paved roads and even offers cycling routes and cycling terrains. They also have an impressively low bicycle theft incidence which makes it even more amazing. More and more Singaporeans are also turning in to a healthier lifestyle making biking as their favorite pastime. When it comes to choosing the best bike to use in Singapore, you can do no wrong by getting a Single Speed Bike. But recently these bikes have been drawing a lot of popularity that unfortunately also means more junk quality bikes of this type are being mass-produced. So it’s really important that you know what features to look for in order to find only the best Single Speed Bike.


Choose the Right Bike Frame

Choosing the right bike frame is essential as it is the bike’s main component. The top choice for the bike frame would be steel. Steel doesn’t rust easily, is comfortable over rough terrains, is good in absorbing shock well, and is flexible. On top of all these, steel is also very affordable.

Choose the Right Weight

Choosing the right weight for the bike really depends on the type of biker. Amateur bikers are advised to use the ones that are lighter for them as it would be easier for them to control. Some bikers prefer the heavier type especially if they’re trying to cut down on calories and want some workout. Single Speed Bikes are often lighter in weight.

Choose the One with the Flip-Flop Hub Feature

Choose the one that has the Flip-Flop Hub feature. This unique feature will allow you to shift in fixed-gear mode or in freewheel mode. What this means is that you can have the fixie non-stop pedaling feature when you want to have some workout or you can switch to coasting when you just want to have a comfortable easy ride.


Choose the One with the Right Gear

Choose the right gear ratio for your bike as the right gear ratio enables you to pedal with ease or you can just spin the pedal instead of pedaling hard. To find the right gear ratio for you, test out the different gear ratios. You just need to know a simple rule. More gear inches mean faster speed and acceleration while less gear inches mean lower speed and faster acceleration.

Choose the Right One for Your Purpose

Choose the right Single Speed Bike that will best serve your purpose. Your bike needs to have wider tires and clearance for full fenders if you’re going to bike through rough road potholes. A bike with full fenders and studded tires is also great for all weather conditions and even as you bike through in mud, rain, and snow. A Single Speed Mountain Bike is great for you if you’ll be spending more time off the road. Having rack mounts on your bike is also helpful if you’ll be carrying backpacks or something heavier and if you’ll be biking through under the heat.


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