Tips on Increasing Internet Speed

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Home or work internet is an important component in our life. The good news is that there are different internet service providers here in Singapore but you have to consider their speed and efficiency. Weak and slow connections can be annoying and trying. It can be costly and it can waste your precious time.


Keeping your speed is important and you can use some tips of increasing it if not sustaining it. Here are some tips that can increase internet speed:

  • Run speed test: It is imperative that you run a speed test so you will know the status of your connection. There are various tools offered online that can help you determine your speed test. Remember that test results vary depending on your location and the number of user, just set with your average.
  • Match speed results: Now that you know your speed test results, you have to match it with what you are paying for. You need to go back to your contract and see the speed you are paying. If you constantly receive low speeds contrary to their promised speed, you should consider other providers so you will not waste your precious time and money.


  • Reset modem: Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to reset your modem. You just need to turn it off and on. If you think that your router needs it as well, you can reset it.
  • Change channel: If there are many people using the internet at work, it is not a surprise that it will slow down. If a channel is populated, it will definitely slow down. The easiest thing to do here is to change your Wi-Fi channel.
  • Move it: The area or location matters a lot. If you think that internet is still slow, you should think of moving wireless router or the computer itself. Make sure to scour the corners and spaces to look for an excellent signal then the computer should be closer to our router. If your router or modem is kind of old, it is time that you purchase new ones.
  • Secure it: If your wireless network is not password protected, many people can just use it and it can affect the speed of internet. The very basic thing that you should do is to secure network. Do not let other people steal your bandwidth.

Now you know different tips on increasing internet speed. It is time that you have to try it all. If despite your effort there are still no changes, you have to call your service provider and have your network checked. There might be something hindering its speed.


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