Tips to clean makeup brushes

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It’s no secret what magic makeup can do – both for a girl’s outward appearance as well as her esteem. We brush, we contour, we blend almost on a daily basis. And that’s not including special occasions when we actually go out and slay the world full-faced.

What’s challenging is how to keep our tools in tip-top shape. This assures longer shelf-life of our tools, benefits us economically and of course keeps our skin healthy in the long run. After all, we use all those on our faces which is basically as crucial as any other part of our body.

Here are a few tips to ensure those brushes clean:

1. Cleaning schedule
Experts advise to clean makeup brushes regularly as this can help extend the life of the bristles. Clean brushes also help you apply the makeup faster and better. As for cleaning, soak your concealer brushes at least once a week. For brushes used around the eyes, they should be cleaned at least twice in a month.

2. Use lukewarm water
When cleaning your brushes, make sure to use lukewarm water as this doesn’t damage the bristles. It keeps the material in good condition.

3. Use mild cleaners
Usually, makeup brush cleaners are readily available for your cleaning needs. If not available, you can improvise with mild cleansing materials so as to keep those bristles soft and still efficient. Also, make sure not to let the base of the brush head get in touch with soap and water as they might disintegrate in contact.

4. Massage
When cleaning your brushes, make sure to massage the tips gently so as to remove all the products sticking to it.

5. Towel it dry
After cleaning, make sure to dry it off with a clean towel. You can squeeze out any excess water from the brushes but just take note not to squeeze too hard as some of the bristles might actually fall off.

6. Don’t forget to reshape
Before letting the brushes stand out to dry, make sure to reshape the brush head. It’s important to help the brush regain its shape as all the washing has it bending itself. When drying, let the brush hang off the edge of the sink or any surface away from the towel. Don’t put it directly on the towel as this causes the bristles to be mildewed. When drying, keep your brushes horizontally as vertical positions loosens the bristles because of the water dripping to its ferrule.

7. Store smart
When storing your brushes, make sure to keep them in closed containers to prevent any buildup of dust or any other pollutants. These are harmful to the skin when they lodge in your brush as you use them. Your pores may get irritated thus causing more problems than just blending and contouring modes for the day.

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