Top Reasons Why Your Wi-Fi Connection Is Problematic

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We’re living in a digital age and Singapore is riding on top of it. The country is proudly in the top position for having the highest average peak connection in the whole world. Singaporeans also enjoyed an Internet connection speed of 12.5 Mbps in the last quarter of last year. That places Singapore in the fourth position as the country with the fastest wireless speed in the entire Asia Pacific region. But sometimes there are still situations when we have to deal with Wi-Fi connection problems. The Wi-Fi may be running too slow, the wireless connection may be too weak, and sometimes there’s just no signal at all. It’s problematic whenever we have to deal with any of these situations. We just want it resolved and resolved quickly. We don’t even care why such issues arise. But it’s good to know how they come about and what we can do to end our Wi-Fi-related problems.


You Didn’t Keep Up-To-Date With Technology

This is one of the main reasons why getting a wireless connection can be such a frustrating experience. When you’re not keeping your PC, your laptop, or any of your digital devices in sync with the latest technology is the time when they start acting slow and start to fail you. Keep them updated so they can be as fast and as reliable as always.

You Chose the Wrong Spot for Your Router

Finding the right spot is very important if you want to get the best wireless connection from your router. The best location for wireless routers is found at the central area of the house. Keep in mind that this spot also needs to be out in the open, not covered or hidden, and not obstructed by walls or anything. Placing the wireless router at the perfect place will result to wireless coverage in all the areas of the house.

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You’re On the Wrong Wireless Channel

This is all about the channel frequency. Make sure that your wireless router is not on the same channel as most of the people are or where most of your neighbor’s routers are also in. Your neighbors who also have home wireless network setup are competing against you for a channel and these interferences causes poor wireless signal. So choose the channel that has the most space around it. There are also wireless network locater tools that can help you check these channels.

You’re Wi-Fi is Set against Physics

Your wireless signal strength and bandwidth can be greatly affected by the Laws of Physics. Distance is a factor that weakens your throughput when you place your wireless router and adapter at a greater distance. Water and metal can also affect as these elements are natural barricades to your wireless connection. So overcome the Laws of Physics by not creating a big distance between the wireless router and adapter. You should also avoid placing your wireless router at places that have liquid forms or metal objects around it.

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