Ways on Becoming an Artist

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Being an artist seems to be a gift and not something that is cultivated, practiced and develop. However, any gift that is not practiced will fade anyway, so the saying that when talent fails hard work prevails seem to be applicable in this situation. Saying this, it is possible to cultivate the love for the arts and the ability of an artist. It is just easy if one is willing to learn.


First thing a person needs to do is to have a desire to learn the basics of arts such as sketching and lights and shadows. This is any medium’s basic. Knowing how to sketch and draw based on lights and shadows is something that can be cultivated alone. Having a sketchpad and a sturdy pencil should always be close to the aspiring artist so that when good lighting is present, he can easily practice.


After learning light and shadows, one can advance slowly to using colours. What is good with colours is that people can experiment and continuously discover what looks good for them. Colours are endless; therefore, creations are infinite too. Nonetheless, if one wants to be simple yet artistic, one can go for charcoal as a tool in creating art. In this medium, one will greatly apply what he learned from light and shadow sketching.

After making your own art, allow people to see it so that it can be critiqued. Treat everything you hear as a help for you to develop. As time pass, learn to develop your own style.


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