Wedding Live Bands for Less

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Booking a Singapore wedding live band can be done in two ways. It is either through a reputable band booking agency or through a band member who doubles as the band’s booking agent. The moment you start your online search, you should be aware of these so-called double agents. If you are not careful enough, you might fall into the trap of spending more money for a nasty live band.

A Double Agent

A “double agent” is a member of a certain band who also poses as the band’s booking agent. Usually, the double agent’s primary goal is to get you to choose his or her band among the others. You can just imagine the sales pitch the double agent would do just to tantalize you to hire his or her band to play wedding live music. If this double agent can convince you, he or she will be receiving a certain amount called commission for a successful booking. Not only that, the double agent will also be receiving his or her share as a band member. This results to a “double pay” for the “double agent”.

A Band Booking Agency

A reputable band booking agency will provide you lots of wedding live band in Singapore options to choose from. Evaluating this array of music bands enables you to pick the one that suits your criteria of a best band such as budget, style, repertoire, and many other factors. Booking through a agency is still the best way to get a best wedding live band in Singapore for your wedding. A booking agent can help you pick the best band that can play the best wedding live music at the best price.

The Art of Negotiation

Just as when you are doing transactions with your other wedding vendors such as the florist or photographer, you must also try to negotiate with your band booking agent. Say the agent informs you that a certain Singapore wedding live band will perform for $2,500. Now you try to negotiate by telling your agent that you are able to pay only, say, two thousand for the band. These Singapore agents are necessary for music bands as these are the ones who get gigs for them. Live bands make money through gigs, which means to say that they will do anything they can to have as much gigs as they can. If the booking agent, who is the middleman in this case, tells the band that you can only afford $2,000, the members of the band will most likely agree with that just so to close the deal. Moreover, a booking agent will not choose to work with a band that is difficult to deal with. That being the case, bands will try to do everything to please their agent.

A Weekday Wedding

Generally, weddings on weekends are expensive. This is also true with Singapore live bands. Their rates are higher on weekends. Having your wedding in the middle of the week may not be ideal, but if there is a certain wedding live band in Singapore that you really want to play on your wedding but they’re unavailable on the weekend, the best option you can take is by scheduling your wedding on a weekday instead. Doing so can, in fact, even cut down a sizeable amount from your wedding cost. Bands want to take as many gigs as possible. So even if their talent fee of $4,000 for a weekend gig is reduced to $2,700 for a weekday wedding, most probably they will still get the job rather than having none.

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