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Little India is an ethnic area in the county that is west of the Singapore River, located east of the river across from Chinatown and north of Kampong Glam. Both Little India and Chinatown is part of the Urban Planning Area of Rochor. The area is commonly referred to as Tekka by the local Tamil community. The Little India area has been reported to have arisen around a former community for Tamil convicts.


Its geographical location along the Serangoon River initially made the area popular for raising cattle; thus trading of livestock was once renowned in the area. Ultimately, some other economic activity and ventures arose and by the end of the 20th century, the area started to appear more like a Tamil cultural neighborhood than a commercial district.

Even though ethnic Tamils no longer have the tendency to stay exclusively kept apart in one place as formerly agreed upon under the modern People’s Action Party or PAP policy of racial harmony and peace, for the sake of preserving cultural heritage, a number of the ethnically Tamils cottage or commercial industry customs and practices are significantly concentrated in this area. Nonetheless, Tamil dominant commercials zones can likewise be found in Heritage Development Board estates.


Contrary to stereotypes and popular belief, the area is not an exclusively Tamil cultured area. One of the more well-known exemplars of cross cultural investments regarding food is that a number of Chinese individuals go to shops in Little India to grind rice for them to be able to make congee. Little India is dominantly Tamil cultured but offers products and services from other cultures.

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