What is Swimmer’s Ear Infection

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Swimming is one of the best exercises. Many Singaporeans consider swimming. In fact, the first Olympic gold is won by a swimmer – Joseph Schooling. If you are into swimming, for sure you have experienced what they call swimmer’s ear infection or medically called external otitis. Swimmer’s ear infection is a bacterial infection of the outer ear canal.

Swimmer’s ear infection is the cause of one’s excessive exposure to water. The water trapped inside the ear can affect the conduct of your daily life. You need to know more. Here are some information about the infection:

There are indications. You just need to stop and observe if you have these: itchy ears, swelling of your ear canal, feeling of fullness, draining and pain.

There are two forms of the infection – acute and chronic. Acute otitis externa results from inflammation or irritation. When this occurs, it can be treated with ear drops. Chronic swimmer’s ear on the other hand is when the outer ear as well as the canal becomes swollen and irritated for a long period of time or recurring.

If the discomfort is intolerable, you can always go to your doctor and have your ears checked. Doctors will recommend antibiotic ear drops. If you are leaning more on home remedies, there are a few. The first thing that you can do is to prepare an ear drop made from rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. You only need to mix the rubbing alcohol and white vinegar equally and put it inside the ear. Do not forget to drain it.

You can take measures to avoid or at least ease the effects of the infection. You need to make sure that the ears are dry all the time. But this is difficult if you are always swimming. If you are always swimming, the least thing that you can do is to avoid scratching the ear inside. When you swim or shower, you should use plugs or cotton ball coated with Vaseline.

Aside from swimming, this infection can also sprout from frequent cleaning of ear canal using cotton swabs. If you are not swimming and symptoms indicate you have this infection, most likely it comes from overdoing ear cleaning. The ear has a natural mechanism that can get rid of the ear wax. If you overdo it, it will accumulate and surely it can affect how you live your life.

The point here is to make sure that you give ears enough time to recuperate. As for cleaning it, use solutions and eardrops but never the cotton swabs or sharp objects.

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