What To Do In Singapore?

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Singapore is mainly known to be a place where you can shop and dine. And most people would say that those are the only things you can do there. Despite the popular belief, there are a lot of things you can do in Singapore. Here are some of them:


Go to the Botanic Gardens

The best thing to do here is to relax! This place is as natural is it gets with its forests, lakes, and wide array of fauna.


Visit the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

This place is one of world’s best zoos and night safaris because of how it is designed to be able to get within arm’s length of the animals. Moreover, they have giant pandas. Who doesn’t love pandas?


Take a Glimpse of India and China

If you want to know what its like being in China or India, you can go visit Chinatown or Little India. Both destinations have traditional goods, temples, and restaurants a lot similar to what they actually are in China and in India.


Gamble at Marina Bay Sands

Singapore has a Little India and a Chinatown. Well, it also has a mini Vegas. Marina Bay Sands lets you feel what it’s like in Sin City. It also has its own shopping mall if you’re not so interested in splurging your hard-earned money.


Escape at the Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the best place you can go to escape the city life in Singapore. It is considered to be the highest point in the City and is home to a wide array of wildlife.



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