What You Need to Know About the Alkaline Water Trend

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Alkaline water has taken over the trending pages on the internet lately. What’s more surprising is that even famous celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon as well, influencing more people to consume the drink and even buy their own alkaline water ionizer for home use. It’s no surprise to know the reason behind all that buzz, especially when there’s several benefits of alkaline water that’s circulating around.

In Singapore, health junkies and trendy locals alike also patronize alkaline water. Some even go as far as buying a water filter just to convert regular tap water to alkaline. They believe the water helps the body in metabolizing nutrients better and expelling the toxins more efficiently, which leads to overall better health and well-being.
However, these benefits are only backed by anecdotal evidence and claims. There isn’t a solid scientific data to support the benefits of alkaline water to the body yet, but it’s also worth noting how people are avidly and continuously consuming the drink than sticking with regular or mineralized water.

What is alkaline water?
Simply put, alkaline water is less acidic compared to regular tap water. Alkaline water is abundant in alkalizing compounds such as: silica, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and bicarbonate. This water is notable for neutralizing the body’s acid levels.

It is generally produced through electrolysis. The process involves the help of an alkaline water ioniser machine, for instance, to effectively split the hydrogen molecules and other minerals found in your running water. Only after these two components are being split apart can the alkaline water be safe to consume.

Proponents found in alkaline water are believed to efficiently metabolize the nutrients in the body and neutralize the acid found in the bloodstream. In return, this leads to a better overall health and body functioning.
Understanding alkaline

To get a better grasp of alkaline water from an alkaline water dispenser in Singapore it is important to first learn what alkaline is. A compound’s alkalinity and acidity are both measured through the pH scale – a scale ranging from 0 to 14 which measures the hydrogen’s concentration in various mixtures. Neutral stands at 7.0; those which have a below 7.0 ranking are considered Acids while those which are greater than 7.0 are considered as alkaline compounds (or base).

For regular water to be considered alkaline, it must first measure an above 7.0 rating on the pH scale. This standard doesn’t only exist in Singapore but all across the globe.

Natural body systems
Alkaline water can be best understood as regular water which has been altered to increase its inherent pH levels. Many proponents claim that it keeps the body in an alkaline state, but the body has natural systems which keep the pH levels in tight control. This means that whether you own an alkaline water ionizer for personal use or not, you can rely on your body to fulfill its function.

Regardless of the water that you drink – regular tap, mineral, or alkaline, your body is still considerably good at keeping the pH level within normal range. The pH level of your blood is slightly alkaline, ranging somewhere between 7.35 to 7.45, and your body efficiently controls this sustainable pH level through natural mechanisms found in your lungs and the kidneys.

If the blood’s pH is more acidic than what’s normal, the lungs expel increased carbon dioxide (which is the reason why you hyperventilate at times) to bring the blood up back to normal. In short, blood pH is well controlled by the body regardless of the food or water you consume. This may vary if you have existing health issues with your kidneys or lungs.

Is alkaline water good for you?
With all that’s been said, the human body is complex. While other people might need to ‘alkalize’, it doesn’t necessarily imply that everyone needs to do so. Alkaline water may bring good to some, but don’t expect it to always bring good among its drinkers. It is also possible how other people might not benefit from the drink.

Our organ systems in the body possess a specific and unique pH range. While the body has various ways to maintain our pH balance, it’s also important to ensure we don’t consume too much food or drink which can mess up our pH levels. The body will undoubtedly have a hard time constraining our normal pH levels if we keep our pH out of control.

The underlying cause must be fixed beforehand to prevent further, more serious complications to arise. If the cause remains unknown and uncertain, it’s hard to determine whether regular alkaline water consumption is good for you or not.

Where can you get alkaline water?
There is no harm in trying out alkaline water (if you’re curious and willing)! Surely, people patronize the drink for something – a reason strong enough to make them continue buy alkaline water which is pricier than your regular tap or mineralized one. And just because official scientific findings haven’t validated or invalidated these anecdotal claims yet doesn’t mean they’re not legit.

If alkaline water doesn’t come through your faucet, you can have it through bottled water. There are plenty of markets in Singapore which sell bottled alkaline water for your convenience. Whenever or wherever, you can get your alkaline water fix even on-the-go.

Even bottled mineral water can be considered alkaline. Adding mineral powders to your regular, tap water can also turn them into alkaline water.

If you want to cut on costs, you can also opt to have an alkaline-converter machine installed within the comforts of your own home. There are alkaline water ioniser machines and other customized faucets sold in the market to easily cater your alkaline water needs.

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