What Your Plumber Doesn’t Want You to Know

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Got a leaky drain or a clogged pipe? The last thing you would probably want to do is roll up your sleeves and fix these issues yourself. After all, that’s what plumbers are for, right? But before you go and contact the nearest plumbing company in your area, consider reading these pieces of information that your plumber probably doesn’t want you to know, whether you’re preventing or solving your plumbing problem.


1. Plumbers Should be Licensed

While it seems simple enough, some plumbers in Singapore are not actually licensed. This is the very reason why you need to ensure that the plumbing company you’re planning to hire is licensed, as it certifies that they are following the standard rules and regulations in your region. Licenses and other credentials that companies like http://www.faberplumbing.com.sg/ in Singapore have also serve as a verification that the plumber provided by the company has undergone proper training and testing before performing an actual plumbing system repair.

2. Some Plumbing Problems are Preventable

Most plumbers directly offer maintenance or preventive care tips for your plumbing system, while some won’t let you know that your current problem is something that you can actually prevent. Basically, you’re supposed to call your plumber whenever an issue arises, but there are several plumbing problems that you can actually avoid by simply performing a preventive care.

Instead of immediately contacting a plumbing contractor, consider looking up your plumbing issue online, and see if you can perform any early measures to keep the problem from worsening or happening in the future.

3. Calling for Plumber Recommendation is the Way to Go

There are numerous options for plumbers in Singapore, and oftentimes, the easiest way to find someone is be informed about who is the best in the field. So instead of just combing through the plumber listings found in the internet, call up a local fixture or plumbing supply store to get an idea of the reliable plumbing companies in your area.

4. The Assistant Plumber is On His Way

Every time a plumber books a job, it’s with the best intentions that he will be doing the work himself. But more often than not, plumbing contractors book more jobs that they can handle, thus doling out some of their work to their assistants.

While you think that the plumber should first attend to your plumbing needs, if he is overbooked, he will prioritize his work based on how complicated each repair is. That means if you will only be needing minor repairs, he will likely send his assistant to you to provide some plumbing services in his place.


5. You Have a Say on the Plumbing Part to be Used

Typically, a plumber has the choice on the kind of parts that he will use on a plumbing job. In some cases, he might opt to use a cheaper version of a particular part, such as a PVC pipe as an alternative for copper. While this can be a cost-cutting move for you, it might not be the best option to go with in the long run. If you want to use high quality parts, but doesn’t want to pay an expensive bill, consider discussing the process of ordering the said materials with your plumber.

It’s the same thing as dealing with an auto mechanic and auto parts. Although cheaper parts will make the job easier and is more profitable for the plumbing contractor, remember that it’s your own interest that matters the most.

6. Paying By the Job Saves You More Money

Equipped with all the necessary certifications and hands-on experience, a skilled and reliable plumber usually knows what they are up against. However, it would be best to avoid carelessly spending your money by paying them by the job. Paying for what your plumbing job is worth will save you more money, than paying for how long it will take the plumber to finish the work.

7. You Will Be the One to Do the Clean Up

The problem with most plumbing works is that some demolition work needs to be done first to get the job started. Unless you have had a conversation with your plumber as to who will be responsible for cleaning up the mess left by the demolition job, you will likely end up doing it yourself.

Like what we have said before, a plumber’s job is to fix water problem, not to rebuild any wall that he was forced to take down to do his job. So ensure to initiate this conversation with your plumber beforehand so you can call for additional workers to be on the site as soon as the plumbing repair is in order.

8. Fixing a Running Toilet Only Costs S$5

There are only a few things wrong in a running toilet, and it should not cost you more than five dollars to have it fixed. Some of the easiest ways to fix it is to spray some lubricant in the area where the handle meets the porcelain, or to simply replace the flap valve in the toilet tank – a move that even you should be able to do. So before you go and have a plumber charge you a hundred bucks for his plumbing services, consider fixing such small problems yourself first.

Although there’s a good number of regular and 24 hours plumber whose services you can trust, keeping these things in mind is one way of educating yourself about the basics in plumbing, and protecting yourself against fraudulent plumbers.


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