Where to Get Chilli Crab in Singapore

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When you are in Singapore, don’t miss Chilli Crabs. If you haven’t tried one or if you want to eat one for the moment, you should look for the best place offering Chilli Crabs in Singapore. You don’t need to scour the market just to find one. You can begin by going to:

Jumbo Seafood

Jumbo Seafood Restaurants are located in Dempsey, Indoor Stadium, NSRCC, East Coast, Riverwalk and Riverside Point. This is a popular place because they serve live seafood. The different branches offer different menus so there is always different to try. The main branch in East Coast is open from 5pm to 11:45 every Monday-Saturday. During Sundays, they open from 12pm to 12am.

Pongol Choon Seng

Pongol Choon Seng is located Turnhouse Road. The restaurant is popular because of its dishes and reasonable prices. They are open from 11:30pm to 3pm and 5:30pm to 10:30pm daily.

Long Beach Seafood

Long Beach Restaurants are located in Mountbatten, Dempsey and East Coast. The restaurant received multiple awards because of their excellent food and ambiance. The main branch in East Coast opens from 11am to 3pm and 5pm to 12.15am daily.

Red House Seafood

Red House Seafood Restaurants are located in Robertson Quay and East Coast. The restaurant offers the best seafood experience. The ambiance is great for parties and other gatherings.

No Signboard Seafood

No Signboard Seafood Restaurants are located in Geylang, Vivo City, Esplanade and East Coast. You will enjoy their specialty-the white pepper crab together with chilli crabs and other seafood. They are open from 11 am to 11pm every day.

Seafood is delicious but you should know that too much of it is not a good thing. You should watch what you eat. Crabs can be harmful if you eat too much.

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